Hikari Kesho



Hikari Kesho aka Alberto Lisi

Born in Padua in 1958, he lives and works in Italy.

Since his childhood his main passion has been photography. He was given his first camera at the age of 10 from his grandfather. From this first Volklender bellows camera to today, Hikari Kesho continues to evolve and is mastering the art of digital photography.

Through studies and numerous recognitions in various exhibitions and photographic contests, Hikari Kesho soon became a professional photographer. Specializing in Fashion Photography, he collaborates with some of the most important international designers: Alviero Martini, Romeo Gigli, Gianfranco Ferré, Mariella Burani and Renato Balestra among the others.

Hikari Kesho has developed a unique style for photographing female bodies, making personal researches on the theme of body expression. He uses often black and white with gothic contaminations and connects uniquely to the world of fetish fantasies.

Hikari Kesho artworks have been published in many books and magazines (Goliath books, Playboy, Blue magazine ) and in 2012 he was selected (the only italian photographer) for "The Art of Contemporary Shibari", a multi-media exhibit including still photography, video, and live performance art by Photographers, Riggers and Models for the Fotofest 2012 Biennial, the first international Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art in the United States. Hikari Kesho's photo "Observing the Stillness of Brenta River" was chosen to be the official poster of the Biennial.

In 2013 Hikari Kesho signed with Vecchiato Art Galleries for his promotion in the circuit of contemporary art.

In 2013 Hikari Kesho was selected (the only italian artist and in a selection of only five international artists) for Biennale Vught (The Netherlands).


1992 - Safilo: the first world campaign with model Randy Ingerman, using techniques of film treatment, which resulted in images obtainable today only with the aid of a computer.




1997 - “The illustrated body”, Castle of Mesola, Ferrara, Italy: working with Peter Baumann, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Oliviero Toscani and Bruce Weber.





1998 - PHOTO Magazine: devoted four pages to his pioneering of the digital sector applied to fashion photography (testing service realized for Replay).




1998 - "The Shaman, the death and other histories": one man show promoted by the association “Bondeno Cultura”.





1998 - The Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino: lectures and seminars on fashion photography.


1998 - Magazine “Fotonotiziario Professionale”: published various articles on his research commitment.


1999 - Opti Project: a company affiliated with Safilo, used some of his B/W photographs to promote Try trademark: "Try Light System: Let the Image Speak".





1999 - Realization of the personal calendar of the actress Selen for the year 2000.






2000 - "Heroines, Witches, Sirens, Legends of Water and Metamorphosis": a photographic book in collaboration with the etnographer Roberto Roda and with the participation of the actress Selen, published by L’Artiere Editions.
The book received remarkable reviews and the exhibition related to this work found interest and hospitality among cities in the Po valley, the territory in which the etnographic investigations were founded.



2002 - “International Eyeaward Prize 2002” – qualified as the second most innovative and bright advertising communication in the field of sunglasses (Gianfranco Ferrè).




2005 - "Boundless": a photographic project characterized by images in B/W of nudes of Junoesque women combined with the Japanese art of binding named Shibari and completed by classical Japanese short poems (haiku).

The realisation and publication of the project continues in the following years, and is welcomed by an always wider and heterogeneous public.


2007 - The magazine "A" publishes an interview and a selection of images from the cycle "Shibari".
In the next issue, devotes its cover and service with images inspired by the iconic comic created in 1946 by John Willie "The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline".






2007-The German publishing house Goliath publish his photos on my favorite model, choosing him as one of the most representative photographers in the world's landscape fetish and glamor..





2007- 10 images of Boundless are published in the magazine BLUE.





2007-Participates as a juror at the 4th edition of Bizarre Film Festival in Alfonsine (RA) at the same time exposing some of his images of Shibari and Gwendoline..

Exhibition at the showroom of interior design Casa Lando in Bassano del Grappa.

Exhibition at Bastione Alicorno in Padua where he exhibited Boundless and organizes various events and meetings related to the oriental culture.



2008 - Great Presentation del Bizzarro FilmFestival 2008Guest Stars HIKARI KESHO, GIOVANNA CASOTTO, FRANCO SAUDELLI.




2008 -When photography meets cinema: for the exhibitions of "Fronte del Porto": PHOTOGRAPHS OF DESIRE. A path through the body of the woman told by three nationally acclaimed artists from Padua.





2008 - He holds a worksop of shibari and photography.





2008 - Exhibits at BoundCon V european fetish convention Munich, one of the largest European Fetish Convention. cerca



-2008 - "From Shibari to the sweet gwendoline, ties between East and West ” personal exibitions at Fronte del Porto film club.Personal exibitons of shibari at the club Sottoriva23 in Verona.




2009 - Participates as a juror at the 6th edition of Bizarre Film Festival Alfonsine (RA) and at the same time exposes some of his pictures on the theme of Shibari.



2010 - Join "Pop Porn" exhibition of erotic art at Shang (Rome) with some of his pictures on the theme of Shibari.




2010 - Gives a lesson on the theme of Shibari Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino and releases an interview with Professor Massimo Tosello Fotonotiziario for the magazine.



2010 - "Shibari" a personal exibition at the Cafe Lumiere of Padova.




2010 - Join "Este Garden Art" exhibition sponsored by the media culture of the town of Este with a blow-up extracted by "Boundless".



2010 - Join "Venice, a woman with no time" photographic exhibition at the space Mondadoriat Piazza San Marco in Venice that will lead to the publication of a book, produced by the cultural Teatrio association containing the photos produced by Alberto Lisi, Massimiliano Simotti and Marcello Rapallino .



2010 - Join the "Walking" path of Visual Arts and interactive performaces at Forte Marghera (VE) with some images from "Boundless".




2010 - Join "Delarsirlò - De l'art sur l'eau", photographic exhibition sponsored by the collective culture of the town of Padua on the banks of Piovego with an image taken from the book "Heroines, Witches and Anguane.



2010 - "Shibari" personal exibition at the Fronte del porto film club and shows the video "Butterfly koi - Shibari on Bacchiglione"made by Hikari Kesho.




2010 - Join "Artists on the wall", photographic exhibition sponsored by the collective culture of the town of Padua at the Gardens Arena with an image taken from the collection "Shibari".


2013 - selected (the only italian artist and in a selection of only five international artists) for Biennale Vught (The Netherlands)



For more infomartion, please write to info@hikarikesho.com



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