Hikari Kesho

“Alberto Lisi:a photographer in Roberto Roda’s world of fantasy


Fantasy stories are set in a world where charms are natural and where magic is the rule. The fantasy universe is populated by warriors, amazons and fairies; magic and metamorphosis are the norm; extravagant creatures are plentiful, often borrowed from mythology and folk culture.

The fantasy world is a fairy tale world, that has been updated to be aimed at an adult public. Fairy tales and fantasy stories have parallel narrative structures, but when examining them more closely you realise that what really distinguishes them is eroticism which in the latter is explicitly declared. Consequently in fantasy descriptions and illustrations the blue fairies wear the transparent veils of odalisques, witches prefer black leather bikinis, high boots and whips, the heroines often lose their bra and panties only to end tied up in positions and situations that would have earned the approval of the Divine Marquis, and more recently, of artists and photographers such as Man Ray, Irving Klaw, Dino Buzzati, Jeff Koons…

The photographs that Albero Lisi presents in this collection represent several scenes where warrior women, shaman women, unfortunate heroines, witches, nymphs and sirens interpret fantasy stories. Each of them impersonates well known roles and plotlines that don’t need to be explained, being those of our youthful memories.

In front of Alberto Lisi’s photographs everybody can enjoy imagining other new stories and adventures, and, why not, even of a more “adult” character. The world of fantasy is a region of the dream universe and anything can happen: here eroticism can triumph without the limits set by respectability. Luckily political correctness has not yet managed to enter the realm of dream and fantasy.


La sciamana, la morte e altre storie Gallery

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