Hikari Kesho

Shibari the Game

Shibari the Game is based on the ancient Japanese art of ligatures. You will enter a dojo where you'll have a virtual slave with whom you can test your skills as a binder (nawashi) following the scheme and the advice of the master Hikari Kesho.

Shibari the Game is an exciting path of deduction and memory, with many technical features that allow you to get to know the traditional ties, by means of a step by step approach.

Whenever you choose the right option, you can see it applied from different angles on your slave, with access to tutorials that will explain how to make the knots with the photos taken in the study of the Master.

At the end of each binding you can download the corresponding original work of Hikari Kesho in a high definition image. The future versions of the game will include six types of ligatures for the intermediate level and another 6 for the advanced one.

Warning: Shibari the Game is not a manual for making ties on real people.

Requirements: The game is optimized for desktop and tablet browsers. It is not guaranteed to work properly on some smartphone browsers. If you're going to play on a smartphone, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Shibari the Game
the game

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