Photo of the day

Not all of my photos are obviously works of art, signed numbered and certified… often they are “visual notes” of tests, made to models who propose themselves or whom I contacted in anticipation of future artistic collaborations.

Sometimes they are just backstage shots, taken on the fly during a few sessions of ropes or in free time, therefore very spontaneous and without any real photographic project.

Often they correspond to the photos or videos that I publish on social media such as Instagram or on Facebook which are precisely a way to share emotions, situations, moods, with an audience of fans who follow my works.

Sometimes, they may even be thoughts.

This gallery is used to publish all this and to allow you to interact with me, with my images, with my thoughts!

Photo of the day

Relaxing moments for Valentina… :)

Some ropes in total relax for Valentina, after posing for one of my Shibari works. It was for many months […]

Photo of the day

Chiara in a very challenging position…

After a few months of inactivity, Chiara and I (on IG @ fee.lpain) got together to do some Shibari, it […]

Photo of the day

Crossed Bamboo

… and this is Emma (on [email protected]), in February 2020 she contacted me showing her interest in Shibari and my […]

Photo of the day

St. Andrew’s Cross

Autumn is back and with it my beloved Shibari sessions in the warmth and comfort of my room. This time […]

Photo of the day

Pink Little baby at the cross

Pink Little Baby at the Cross, shibari session with beautiful model Real Savage Quenn


Shibari performance – Le Moulin

Pictures from my shibari perfomance in Verona.

Photo of the day

“Moses and the Virgin” backstage

Backstage of my latest work in an amazing location

Photo of the day

Waiting on a bamboo chair

One day a friend of mine, knowing my passion for the far east, gave me this bamboo chair that I […]

Photo of the day

Unchain my Heart

The love of freedom makes you a slave to your own passion…

Photo of the day


The peculiarity of the binding and the intense, almost ascetic way of experiencing it by Jessica inspired this title.

Photo of the day

And after the block…let’s try with these!

Chiara, aka Fee.lpain, is a “new entry” discovered in the final phase of the quarantine by Covid-19. She proved immediately […]

Photo of the day

The fall of the red-winged Angel

For some time I had in mind an image of an angel fallen from the sky and with the aid […]