Roberto Roda, ethnographer and photographer, and Alberto Lisi, professional in fashion photography, illustrated with the photographic medium a series of popular legends starring the fantastic creatures of water and metamorphosis.

Pretty girls with reptilian tail, goose-like, witches who can become snakes and cats, nymphs that inhabit the waters of lakes and rivers, tragic, sometimes naive, spells of all kinds … This is the folk heritage that Lisi and Roda draw from. An immense repertoire of oral narratives where the myth, the fairy tale, the feeling, the epic are confused, leading the observer from the city of La Spezia to the Po and from the Po to Neretva, the river that crosses the battered Bosnian town of Mostar.

Territories, those of northern Italy, apparently foreign and distant from the Balkans, but that the fantastic imagination shared at the popular level makes it much closer than we think. With a philological spirit, Lisi and Roda create evocative images, assisted by precious adventurous companions: costume designers Dodi Ottogalli and Luca Rubaltelli, the make-up artist and hairstylist Francesca Sattin, the Ravenna actress Selen, who offers a challenging interpretation, wearing, from time to time, she is a benevolent fairy, a witch, an unfortunate heroine, an anguane temptress, a sensitive mother, a volatile woman of the people.

Together with Selen, in the course of the legendary events, a large group of actresses and actors, all effectively committed to giving voice to a cultural heritage that is in danger of being forgotten.

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