After more than two years of hard work – research and hours of selecting these pictures, I can officially announce that the Fetish Photo Anthology is finished and will go to the printers very soon now. It’s about 350 pages thick and has the following photographers in it: Steven Andres , Arwendur, Asakawa, Dan Bailey, Alva Bernadine, Bernard Betrand, Mark Blakie, Philippe Boxis, Larry Bradbey, Etienne Braun, Emma Delves-Broughton, BT Smut, Tina Cassati, C.C.Clearwater, Patrick Ceuppens, Charly B, CKreationz, Martin Rafaël Class, Jesus Coll, Jody Cortes, Michel De Feijter, Anthony Di Prima, Timothy Dolph, John Dupret, DVS, Philippe Fichot, Jean Paul Four, Perry Gallagher, Vlad Gansovsky, Scott Gerth, John Gillan, Hans Gössing, China Hamilton, Floyd Hardwick, Hector Heatwood, Michael Helms, Nigel Holms, Justice Howard, Kevin Hundsnurscher, Hyperion, Nad Iksodas, Andreas Jahn, Arne Jahn, Jazilek, Gernot Karst, Christine Kessler, Peter Felix Kurtz, L.C. Misfit Stdios, Scott F. Lanes, David Lawrence, Stuart Levine, Alberto Lisi, Lochai, Brian Mackey, Ben Marcato, Steve Mars, Eric Martin, Robert Babylon, Andy Metal, Brad Miller, Miyou, Craig Morey, Christophe Mourthé, Dave Naz, Antone Pavlov, Victoria Perelet, David Perry, Ronald Putzker, Qumma, Collin J. Rae, Zbigniew Reszka, Beau Richards, Neil Rue, Michel Serchuk, Julie Simone, James Stiles, Tentesion, Alan Tex, Ronny Thiele, John Tisbury, Thomas van de Scheck, Adam Walsh, Woschofius, ……… maybe some will be added…. still waiting for the pictures….

The cover is by Ronny Thiele. Its exactly what fetish is all about. I hope it will become as famous as the chair by Christophe Mourthé, the latex gloves and stockings by Peter W. Czernich, the rubber tit pinching lady by Housk Randall and of course the famous laced rubber dress by Trevor Watson.

Some of you may ask yourself what is the “Fetish Photo Anthology?” Well, it’s a heavy art book (some call it coffee table book) with a heavy carton cover and about 450 pictures of ladies and men dressed up in leather, rubber, rope, metal, and so on, pictured by the worlds most famous photographers around the world. But I agree that in my list there are some “big” names missing. That’s because they didn’t want to participate because we “don’t pay” them to be in this book. All the photographers and models who are in this book do this for free – for the glory – satisfaction – to help…. we live in a world that turns around money – and my motto is “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”.

Many famous fetish models are also in this book, but because I don’t know them all by name, I prefer not to make this list…..you all know who you are, don’t you girls!? – otherwise, ask your photographer if you’re in it…. yes, Kumi, Masuimi Max & Emily – you are in it!….. you were very hard to ignore, seeing the fact you’ve shot with almost all these photographers… ~grin

All the photographers get one free copy – that was the deal – but if you want to order more, then please email me directly: editor(at)secretmag.com Others please order your copy here ( on the website click cover) – I promise you, you will not be disappointed. A request from me to the photographers and models who are in the book is to copy the cover and link it to this page, please – I need all the help I can get…..!

Ordering you copy will keep Secret alive as the black & white photography…..


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