Omnia Vincit Amor

Author: Hikari Kesho

Size (widht x height): 43 x 61 cm

Image size: 32 x 48.5 cm

Edition: 100 copies numbered, signed by the author and stamped with his ideograms logo

Printing: on 245 gr giclée fine art  photographic paper


Large-format image of one of the most important work of Hikari Kesho, full of eroticism and sculptural beauty. The sensuality of the body forced by the skillful knots of the rigger. The proposed work is a on fine art 245 g. paper professional giclèe print. High quality, saturated and bright pigment inks have been used, for image stability over time. The print was edited directly by the author to guarantee technical attention and chromatic fidelity. The work is signed by hand by Hikari Kesho, is numbered and bears on the front the stamp with the logo in ideograms of the author. It is also furnished by a certificate of authenticity.