Performance at Vecchiato Art Gallery

Performance during inauguration of my exhibition on May 2013 at Vecchiato Art Gallery and presentation of my work to its collectors.

Among Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

The origins of the Ginkgo biloba dates back about 250 million years ago in a small area of China. The ginkgo leaf is the symbol of the Urasenke school of Japanese tea ceremony and its seeds are considered the food of Buddha.
The stunning yellow of the leaves has always attracted me, and so, found a model willing to pose naked in the cold and in the middle of the city, I made this picture. A few days before I would have no leaves on the ground and a few days later would fall from the tree… a real race against time!

The Witches’ Sabbath

Backstage of a shooting inspired by the poster of a movie by Marco Bellocchio “La visione del Sabba” (The Witches’ Sabbath”)


A shibari movie directed and produced by Gianluca G. Magnoni (

Trailer Shibari tales 1 “Shibari at the Villa”

I am excited to present my latest project: a crumbling villa and two girls to tie up, gave life to six shibari paintings. An amazing limited edition book, signed and numbered, with a DVD attached that tells the backstage, the technique, the atmosphere of this project.
Go to the store to buy the book Shibari tales 1 “Shibari at the Villa”.

Tableau Vivant in my living room

My last challenge: to use the body of a beautiful tattooed model like a painted canvas of a painting hanging in a luxurious ancient living room…

Rabarama & Hikari Kesho: shibari performance

An outstanding artistic collaboration between Rabarama and Hikari Kesho, who merged the ancient technique of Shibari with the Art of Contemporary Sculpture.

Rabarama & Hikari Kesho “Bodyart”

Concept and design of Hikari Kesho in an artistic collaboration with the sculptor Rabarama for a photographic work of bodypainting and sculpture.

The Hall of Justice

A cold midnight Shibari performance in front of the Palace of Reason in Padua – Italy


“… The yuki-onna appears as a beautiful tall woman, with long hair, an inhumanly pale and sometimes even transparent skin; when she appears at night in the snow, she merges with the landscape … sometimes she wears a white kimono, but in other legends she is naked, with only the face, the hair and the pubis in evidence on the snow … ”

Falling Angel in S.Marco square

My last challenge:a shibari suspension shooting in the middle of S.Marco square in Venice, full of webcams and 200 meters away from the police station! Many thanks to the beautiful and very professional model Kristell.I’m sorry for the bad quality, but we had to be less people than possible and so no cameraman but just the use of iPhone and a small compact camera by one of my two assistants…but I think it will be enough for those people who think that Photoshop is the only way to do create this kind of pictures! 🙂

L’Amor Sospeso

Back stage in June of the “Visioni” calendar created by the Paoul shoe company for charity for the IOV (preview on September 5th at the Women’s Night, Hotel Excelsior Lido of Venice)