Data: dal 16/10/2007 al 31/10/2007

Luogo: Bastione Alicorno (zona piazzale S. Croce)

Padua – Alicorno Bastion (Piazzale S. Croce area)

October 16th-31st 2007
from Monday to Friday at 17-23
Saturday and Sunday 10 am-1pm and 3pm – 7pm

exhibition realized with the contribution of the C.d.Q. 4 South-East

the exhibition and all events are free admission

The exhibition will be enriched by some theme evenings dedicated to the culture and traditions of Japan:

Tuesday 16 October, 6.30 pm
vernissage with presentation by the critic Ferruccio Giromini,
reading of Haiku with the actress Anna Zago of Theama Teatro,
environmental installation by Francesco Danielli
permanent sound installation of zignorii ++

Friday 19th October, 9.00 pm
The eroticism of the knots between the nineteenth and the contemporary.
Arts, fashion, literature.
Conversation with the ethnographer Roberto Roda
Ethnographic Center of the Municipality of Ferrara
National Observatory on Photography

Saturday 20 October, 9.00 pm
The seasons and their changes: Japanese rites and traditions.
Conversation with Yoshie Nishioka
teacher of Japanese language and culture
at the Linguistic and Cultural Institute Il Mulino – Legnaro (Pd)

Tuesday 23 October, 9 pm
Correspondences between chakras and nodes in Shibari.
Oriental medicine between tradition and therapeutic forms.
Conversation with Shiatzuka and Reiki Master Diana Chiarin
of the SéStante Cultural Association – Mestre (Ve)

Friday 26 October, 9.00 pm
Iaido, Aikido, Kendo: the martial arts of Japan.
Meeting and demonstrations with the Masters
Eugenio Maggiolo, Cesare Maggiolo, Bruno Di Loreto
A.S.D. The nest of eagles – Noventa Padovana (Pd)

Saturday 27 October, 9.00 pm
Jardin du Désire: live music with the ensemble EMP / Zignorii ++
An idea of ​​space / sound designed for Boundless. An installation
permanent multitrack sound and a lounge evening, with
dj-setting alternated with live performances. May 1
created by the encounter between the photos and the suggestion of the place.

Tuesday 30 October, 9.00 pm
The Japanese tattoo. The charm of “outlaw” art.
The experience of an Italian tattoo artist in Japan.
Organized by the Cultural Association Voodoo Tattoo Club
with Massimiliano “Max” Mantoan, Cesare “Cece” Maggiolo
(Voodoo Tattoo Club – Padua), Massimiliano “Crez” Freguja
(Adrenalink Tattoing Club – Marghera)

Wednesday 31 October, final evening.

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