Photo of the day

Not all of my photos are obviously works of art, signed numbered and certified… often they are “visual notes” of tests, made to models who propose themselves or whom I contacted in anticipation of future artistic collaborations.

Sometimes they are just backstage shots, taken on the fly during a few sessions of ropes or in free time, therefore very spontaneous and without any real photographic project.

Often they correspond to the photos or videos that I publish on social media such as Instagram or on Facebook which are precisely a way to share emotions, situations, moods, with an audience of fans who follow my works.

Sometimes, they may even be thoughts.

This gallery is used to publish all this and to allow you to interact with me, with my images, with my thoughts!

Photo of the day

Smoking on the bridge

An amazing shooting day with the beautiful (and little crazy…) model Denise. A passer-by saw the scene and recorded it […]

Photo of the day

An amazing night with Jessica

Another wonderful session of ropes with the beautiful Jessica, who approached the ropes almost for fun and soon became a […]

Photo of the day

Winter walk

The fog is frightening, it prevents us from seeing what surrounds us, while it forces us to see what we […]

Photo of the day

Wax games in my bedroom

I had been in contact with this beautiful model from Seattle for some time, she liked my photos, she followed […]