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This statement, by one of the greatest photographers in the world, puts the finger on the scourge of one of the most discussed problems in today’s professional photography:
up to where it is right to intervene with the computer on a photo and when the distortion of reality becomes rather deontological, or even a way of communicating the false, proposing images of things, facts or people, which in their “virtual” nature can cause damage or problems of any kind to anyone for professional reasons should use these images?
There are already countries where the use of Photoshop in certain areas, such as photojournalism, is prohibited or regulated within certain parameters, just to maintain a minimum of contact with reality in terms of communication and information.
FASHION AND PUBLICITY PHOTOGRAPHY is the area in which this workshop will take place: the techniques, the secrets, the ability to set up a photographic set that produces a perfect image, which little need of the computer intervention.
Will be explained the use of Photoshop and the necessary filters to enhance our photos, starting from a well-defined project that is reflected in the shooting techniques used and not in the distortion of the same.
The relationship with the client in the set and the impossibility in the professional field to produce a poor image with the “promise” of a post-production that fill our gaps of photographic technique.
The presentation of photo books of models that once on the set do not look anything like those proposed to the customer and the problems that result in terms of costs and our professional image.
During the ws you will go to the bottom of these problems and in parallel will set up sets where, with the help of a study assistant, a model and a professional make-up artist, the student can take his pictures, checking in real time on the monitor the result of the techniques acquired, taking into consideration the “digital” world in which we move, but in total respect of analog photographic techniques, still fundamental pillar on which the outcome of a good photograph is based … at the time of shooting!

Always attentive to technologies and innovations in the field of photography and communication, in 1994 the prestigious magazine PHOTO dedicated to Alberto Lisi an article as a pioneer of digital photography in fashion, making a test for the Replay with one of the first “one shot” digital cameras.

The course is aimed at advanced amateur photographers, aspiring professionals and professionals who wish to rely on the experience of a photographer, Alberto Lisi, who has been working in the field of fashion and advertising photography in the National and International field for over 27 years and will take his study of Padua.
For some glimpses of Alberto’s studio and his work over the years:

The laying room has a limbo of 17x 7x 6.50 meters height, flash lighting, continuous and discharge, bank of various shapes and sizes and any type of accessory and instrumentation necessary for a professional job

The cost of the day, which includes a fast food for lunch break,
it is € 95 per person
the AICS card is required, if you do not have it you can buy it at the “political” price of € 6

Subscriptions will be taken into consideration upon payment of a deposit of € 50 by bank transfer to the account:
IT87 K085 9062 8900 0008 1014 206

or by Paypal on the e-mail address: [email protected]

for info and details: [email protected]





Yes, because in fact, even if the modern digital are almost computers that tend to think in our place, photography is based on very specific rules, from which we can not ignore.
A computer then always remains a computer and for how many “cases” are introduced in its microchip, there will always be something that escapes his artificial “intelligence” and will make us bring home photos that do not correspond to our expectations.

At the base of everything then there is always the man, with his REAL intelligence, his experiences and his emotions … what he needs, to bring home photos that match his expectations, AND ‘A PO TECHNIQUE … and this is what this photography meeting wants to contribute: give everyone the basics to be able to manage their photographic equipment, making them take pictures as we want them and not letting them decide for us!

The course will take place in the studio of the photographer Alberto Lisi, where you can use the structures and light systems to test the acquired techniques, as well as Macintosh computers on which to view the photos taken

The cost of the workshop is € 55 including a fast food for lunch break
the AICS card is necessary, if you do not have it, you can do it at the “political” cost of € 6

Subscriptions will be taken into consideration upon payment of a deposit of € 30 by bank transfer to the account:
IT87 K085 9062 8900 0008 1014 206

or by Paypal on the e-mail address: [email protected]

for info and details: [email protected]

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