Book “Boundless”

Photographs and graphic design: Hikari Kesho

Technical data: BOUNDLESS 2007 Book – Centrooffset Edition – Signed 28 × 28 cm, 88 pages, interspersed with parchments, printed in 5 colors on Fedrigoni papers. Cardboard cover, die-cut, with back in cloth and screen-printed in two colors. Cover cost € 35.00. Online price € 28.00.


  • Libro semplice
  • Tiratura limitata


photographs Hikari Kesho
graphic project Giovanni Sattin and Alberto Lisi
post-production of Stefano Lisi images
graphic layout and printing Centrooffset Master – Mestrino (Pd)
English translations Al Naber translations center Padova
Japanese translations Davide Spoladori
graphic design kanji Claudio Zalunardo
texts and bibliographic research Michela Lazzaro
communication and promotion Studio Lbs Comunicazione Padova
casting Michela Lazzaro
production assistant Antonella Marini
organizational coordination Vittoria Nalin

the volume was made with Fedrigoni Cartiere S.p.A.
Sirio Color Black cover
interior Symbol Freelife satin
GSK extra white parchment



Boundless is a photographic project that explores the boundaries of beauty understood in absolute terms.

The subjects are generously built women, photographed creating minimalist sculptural shapes by using bonding with hemp ropes according to the ancient Japanese art of Shibari. All the photographs are…
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