Quando la fotografia incontra il cinema

Data: 01/04/2008

Luogo: Padova, Fronte del Porto film club


Organized by Cinema & Video Indipendente Padova


April 2008
presented and commented by Barbara Codogno &
Sirio Luginbuhl

Tuesday, April 1 at 21 for the exhibitions of the “Front of the port”
Antonio Concolato, Claudia Fabris, Alberto Lisi

For Antonio Concolato, who for years has been experimenting with the female nude in all its angles, reflections and decompositions, the 10 photographs shown by the model are not only a refined exercise of style that reproposes the naked body cut by geometric lines of reflection and with different angles. also a research, almost cubist, to recompose and break down the figure giving the eye an apparent vision of movement.
Concolato that uses a b / n rich in grays and that personally takes care of the development and printing of the image, using particular types of paper, nothing grants to the eroticism of fashion “fashion” photographers pursuing instead an aesthetic research that brings it closer , for the formal cleaning of the image, to the photographic results of the historical avant-gardes.

Claudia Fabris, costume designer, theater actress and photographer, with “La tela di Penelope” retraces the path of performne environnement where scenographic movements are combined with photographic accumulations that represent the naked performer, in different periods of her life, cleverly concealed from sight of the user.
Very skilled at staging the photographic event, Claudia Fabris uses photography to narrate other things of her experience even at the level of the profound psyche.
The “Seduction exercises awaiting Ulysses” ask themselves “what women do when men do not see them, what mothers do not teach their sons and … why do not they teach them?

The photographic world of Alberto Lisi is both aesthetic and sulphurous, sensual and astonishing, full of glamor and sex, with evident traces of a post-surrealism rooted in fetishism and sadomasochism without ever slipping into banality and ‘obvious.
Thirteen hand-printed photographs on particular cards that give the image a preciousness typical of old vintage prints and that in some cases recall the paths of the historical avant-gardes and where the circus is combined, the “magical” world of illusionism, eccentric and extravagant fashion, the burlesque.
Alberto Lisi, who in art calls himself Hikari Kesho, is a specialist in “charming” photography, whether he deals with fashion or eros in his most varied events.
For the quality of his work Lisi is aimed rather at an audience of aesthetes than that of voyeurists, carving out an initiatory ghetto where fashion and fashions are almost “stripped”, if needed, and offered on the silver platter of intelligence and culture.

At 22.00 the film by Mike Aho will be premiered: “Pierre & Gilles, histoires d’amour”, a one-year trip to the intimate life of France’s most famous artistic duo, the photographer Pierre and the painter Gilles, masters undisputed of a fascinating kitsch culture. (58 ‘, color, 2002).
The two artists have been working together since 1976, producing large, retouched photographs treated with successive additions, imaginative and fascinating collages that give off an aura of happiness, mysticism, love and sexuality.
The film takes advantage of the participation of Catherine Deneuve, Nina Hagen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rupert Everett, Thierry Mugler.

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