Hikari Kesho performing at Porto Astra

One of the first Shibari performances open to the public, inside a movie theater in the center of Padua.

Hikari Kesho and Magena Yama performing at The Cage

Shibari lesson by Hikari Kesho

Hikari Kesho Workshop at Tuscany photo festival

Participation of Hikari Kesho as rigger and photographer at one of the most important international photography meetings.

“Butterfly Koi” backstage video

I often go for jogging along that road, like a lot of people do. And any time I thought :“I must make a shibari suspension with these wonderful graffiti on the background”. In Japanese culture, Koi carp has a strong connotation of mystical / religious, so it looked perfect to me for a “Japanese stile” art work.

Among Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

The stunning yellow of the leaves has always attracted me, and so, when I found a model willing to pose naked in the cold and in the middle of the city, I made this picture. A few days before I would have no leaves on the ground and a few days later they would fall from the tree … a real race against time.